High Integrity Pressure Protection System

Severn’s integrated HIPPS for oil and gas installations set a new standard in safety, performance, assembly and testing.

Suitable for topside and subsea applications, benefits include
Reduced environmental impact of pressure release burn off valves
Reduced potential economic impact arising from a lack of containment
Reduction in the catastrophic effect of a lack of containment to both people and the environment
Significant reduction in process risk, enabling development of higher pressure / flow rate fields
Economic tie-back of high pressure marginal fields to existing pipeline infrastructure and topsides

Severn’s integrated HIPPS provide a dual electronic and mechanical redundancy solution. They are designed and built in accordance with relevant safety instrumented systems (SIS) standards.

Bentley pioneered small bore subsea valves incorporating metal-to-metal sealing in the 1980s.

Equipment developed by Severn Subsea Technologies includes
Remote seismic monitoring
Sealing systems
Autonomous drilling systems

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