LB Bentley

Small bore subsea valves and actuators

Bespoke small bore subsea valves and actuators are LB Bentley’s specialism. Our engineered solutions are deployed in the world’s most extreme and severe subsea oil and gas environments.

Tolerating fluids that cause others to fail
Innovation is central to the business. In the 1980s we pioneered small bore subsea valves incorporating metal-to-metal sealing. Today, all Bentley valves use adaptations of this patented technology. The self-clean action of the mechanism enables our products to tolerate contaminated fluids that can cause other subsea valves to fail.

Progressive engineering
Bentley’s R&D team uses sophisticated design principles to create compact subsea components. The goal is to empower operator engineers at the frontiers of subsea production with solutions that exceed current system demands.
Innovative subsea technologies
Bentley’s core range incorporates small bore subsea through conduit gate valves, rotary gate valves and check valves for services including chemical injection and hydraulic fluid control.

New technologies include
OPTItorq™ –
an actuator that significantly reduces the space envelope of small bore quarter-turn valves.
1″ rotary gate valve – this versatile product’s compact size unlocks new design options for operator engineers.

LB Bentley

Filters & dryers

LB Bentley’s Filters and Dryers business designs and manufactures medium and high pressure filtration and drying solutions to satisfy bespoke customer requirements.

Special features of the medium and high pressure filters and desiccant dryers include
• Multi-stage filtration to ensure the highest level of purity
• Small batch manufacture
• Specialist one-off production when required

The in-house production of our medium and high pressure dryers ensures that key components such as couplings, manual valves and pilot valves are engineered to meet our exact requirements. This eradicates the risk of obsolescence, enabling our products to provide long in-life service.


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