Severn Glocon FZE

Severn Glocon FZE is core to our global infrastructure. It handles contracts for a wide range of new projects and established plants in the Middle East. We put our technical expertise at the heart of the Middle East in 2013, with the permanent relocation of the Group’s Technical Director role to the region.

Five Group divisions have a strong, well-established FZE presence
arrow in copySevern Glocon has been exporting highly-engineered control and choke valves to the Middle East since the 1970s and has a deep understanding of process challenges in the region.

arrow in copySevern Unival’s Repair Intelligence Circle™ knowledge enables the development of engineered solutions that improve long-term reliability and flow performance of established plant.

arrow in copySevern Valve Solutions is headquartered at Severn Glocon FZE, ensuring the full scope of the Group’s technical expertise is accessible to operators in the Southern Iraq market.

arrow in copySevern Ball Valves has an extensive stockholding of traded isolation valves and actuators for established plant at the Severn Glocon FZE facilities.

arrow in copyQTRCO-SG is based at Severn Glocon FZE, and assembles its low-friction actuators at the facility.


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