Severn Glocon India

Severn Glocon India is a wholly owned manufacturing centre, producing control and choke valves in collaboration with Severn Glocon’s UK team.

The business handles complex customer requirements associated with upstream oil and gas applications and other demanding industries. Established in 2007, there has been ongoing investment in the facilities as well as the team of engineers, managers and supporting staff. Severn Glocon India operates to the same rigorous Quality Assurance standards as the UK-based operations and has full materials testing and flow testing capability. A key strength is our negotiated approach between one-off production and bulk production.

Export efficiencies
Severn Glocon India has become an increasingly valuable part of the Group business infrastructure over the past decade as export sales have grown. Our cost profile and location enables the Group to compete for larger valve packages, including those which combine top-end products and more standard ranges.

Local market
As one of India’s top three valve specialists, Severn Glocon India complements global Group activity with in-country work. We manufacture highly-engineered valves for nuclear plants, fertilizer plants and pipelines in India as well as providing field services.

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