Severn Glocon

Engineered valves for greenfield projects

Flexibility, capability and technical expertise are the three pillars of Severn Glocon’s control and choke valve manufacturing business. We specialise in the design and production of severe and critical service valves for challenging applications, particularly in the energy industries.

Bespoke solutions
Severn Glocon’s products are custom engineered to meet individual operator and application requirements. Close collaboration with end-user or EPC contacts early in the design process means that valves are precisely specified from the outset.

This approach brings significant advantages. It underpins the development of innovative, cost-effective products that perform reliably in arduous conditions. And better cohesion facilitates breakthrough engineering – which is vital when extreme production environments demand valves with exceptional operating parameters.

Our superior onsite facilities for valve evaluation and assessment, including cryogenic testing, enables us to create bespoke testing regimes in line with customer needs. Certification and documentation can also be tailored according to requirements.

Project delivery
We employ experienced project management professionals, dedicated to ensuring the smooth and timely fulfilment of contract obligations. Our project delivery teams have a deep-rooted understanding of project drivers and work proactively to plan, execute, report and document every stage of the process.

A clear focus on wider industry issues and developments ensures we are ready to meet escalating customer demands. Valves continue to get bigger and performance specifications are pushing the boundaries of what’s been done before. At the same time, projects are operating under compressed timescales and strict budgets.

Ongoing strategic investment in new technologies, facilities and infrastructure means we can rise to these challenges now and in the future.



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