Severn Leeds

Innovative butterfly valve technologies

While many valve manufacturers operate from a rigid design perspective, Severn Leeds begins with a commitment to process understanding. This underpins design excellence and ensures optimum valve development, whatever the application.

Recent innovations include
SPIRES® system for emergency secondary isolation
High performance OCT® triple offset butterfly valve

Butterfly valves for critical applications
Severn Leeds’ butterfly valves are custom designed to handle challenging process conditions such as
• High pressure drops
• Cavitation
• Quick closing
• Flashing services
• Corrosion / erosion
• Supercritical fluids
• Contaminated fluids
• High velocity
• Backpressure control

Reliable valves for arduous service
Our butterfly valves are precisely engineered to meet customer requirements. Design, development and R&D capabilities are coupled with a deep process understanding.
• All materials are selected to give excellent corrosion resistance and maximum service life
• High grade seals are designed to optimise performance
• Bespoke designs enable us to meet non-standard specifications
• Actuated packages are supplied fully assembled and tested for peace of mind installation

Typical application
Valves are manufactured to perform consistently, even in harsh conditions with erosive and corrosive properties. They can also be designed for specific tasks such as:

Offshore Platform & FPSO
• Ballast water flow control
• Hydrocarbon gas flow control
• Fire main bypass control

• Flare gas control
• Flow balancing for fiscal metering

Power Generation
• LP & MP steam control
• Cooling water flow & back pressure control
• Cooling tower de-icing

LNG Storage & Transportation
• Loading & unloading flow control
• LNG recirculation control
• LNG tank flow control

Urea, Ammonia & Fertilizer Production
• Synthesis gas flow control
• Urea flow control
• HP steam pressure reduction

• Seawater make-up level control
• Brine recycle
• Brine blow down
• Condensate back pressure control
• Distillate back pressure and flow control




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