Severn Unival

Improving control valve performance

Our Repair Intelligence Circle™ process uniquely drawing on three decades of control and choke valve performance data is the nucleus of Severn Unival’s advanced engineering services. We apply this technical knowledge to develop bespoke engineered solutions that improve long-term reliability and flow performance for established plants.

  • Valve management and advisory services, on a contracted or ad hoc basis
  • Valve upgrades and modifications, including retrofitting and re-engineering
  • Design and manufacture of bespoke OEM-standard valves to meet application requirements and maintenance programme requirements


Advanced technical services
Technical expertise is in Severn Unival’s DNA. We can manage entire control valve populations, deliver shutdown and outage valve maintenance strategies, or provide focused support on an ad hoc basis.

Severn Unival’s skilled and highly motivated team proactively identifies ‘bad actor’ valves compromising plant performance. Innovative upgrade or retrofit solutions are developed, with a high degree of customisation when required. We take on problem OEM valves that other firms shy away from and provide aftermarket warranty for any products that we re-engineer or overhaul.

Leveraging historic valve performance data and overlaying it with live data enables us to develop intelligent solutions that reduce MTBF rates. Over time, this creates a virtuous cycle of ongoing performance improvement.

Rapid turnaround
Visiting sites to witness valves in situ enables Severn Unival to get to the root cause of problems quickly. Customers have direct contact with the engineers working on their valves, minimising lag time between diagnosis, decision making and remedial action.
Severn Unival operates flexibly and imaginatively to overcome logistics and mobilisation issues that can cause delays. We started out in the gruelling North Sea oil and gas sector, so our service is intrinsically aligned for the challenges of rapid response and extreme technical demands. Today the expertise we honed in the North Sea is delivering performance benefits for oil and gas operators around the world as well as wider industries such as power and water.




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